Eufy Robovac G32 Pro VS Eufy RoboVac G30 Review: Which one is a good choice for 2023?

When we face the choice between Eufy Robovac G32 and Eufy Robovac G30. It’s hard to choose, especially when the name is too similar for consumers to distinguish them immediately. In this review, you can depend on some distinction between the two to decide which one is a good choice for 2023.

Eufy Robovac G32 Pro and Eufy Robovac G30 all have 2000Pa of Hard-Hitting Suction Power, Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0, Drop-Proof Technology, and BoostIQ™ Technology. What is most important, they not only have the same dimension, but also the same weight. From the picture, we can hardly identify them with our eyes.

Eufy Robovac G30(left) Eufy Robovac G32 Pro(right)

But from the special design and price, we can find the answer.

First of all, Eufy Robovac G32 Pro has Anti-Collision Sensor. Nine anti-collision infrared sensors help the robot vacuum avoid bumping into obstacles. So it can clean non-stop without needing your helping hand, while RoboVac G30 does not support Boundary Strip detection. If you need to set up a no-go zone, RoboVac G30 supports boundary strips.

Moreover, for now, Eufy Robovac G32 Pro is sold only in Walmart, and just needs $159.98. But at the same time, you can find Eufy RoboVac G30 is sold for $178 in Walmart. No doubt, compared between the two, which one is the best value for money will be able to see. However, prices are not always the same, there will be discounts for the holidays, please feel free to check. If you want, you can follow the link below.

By the way. For now, we can only find Eufy Robovac G32 Pro in Walmart. And other platforms we can not find a more specific introduction about it. We have no idea about this. If you know something more, please do not hesitate to leave a message for us.

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