Your Roborock Q5 is Compatible with All-Rubber Brush

When we buy a robotic vacuum. The most important thing is to hope it can work for a long time. However, some accessories are essential to change in about a few months to get more effective function. But do not litter your extra rubber brush because Roborock Q5 is compatible with all-rubber brush. Let us see what is going on.
The Page of Roborock Official Website

Maybe you never notice the information on the Roborock official website. From the T7 series, Roborock uses the rubber rush as its main brush. This kind of brush can extently avoid hair entanglement, which is good for pet family. Roborock Q5 can not only use the traditional one to clean the dust, but can also be changed into rubber brush to clean hair. Two birds with one stone.

If you do not have extra rubber brush, you can find it in our store. Click here you can get some quickly. When you or your friends want to buy a some accessories, you sould send this message to them. And I really hope I can help you. For the notice in this article, you can check the relevant product detail page on the Roborock official website. If you have anything to add, you are very welcome to send us a message. Best wishes to you and your family.

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