Be careful, Your iPhone Not Support You Buying Roborock S7 Maxv Series

If you are looking to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner from Roborock brand to ease the chore load, then you should be careful. When you search on the Roborock official website, you can find a few robotic vacuums that do not support some iPhone models. What is wrong with that? Don’t be in a hurry, listen to me, and I will tell you in detail.

We know Roborock S7 Maxv Series has a very cool design, which is Matrix map. You can use this function to view your home with a 3D map or navigate around it digitally with the Matrix map. However, if you are not a cell phone trend-seeker. That means your iPhone is not iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

You should be careful when buying Roborock S7 Pro Ultra, and Roborock S7 Maxv Series, including S7 Maxv Ultra, S7 Maxv Plus, and S7 Maxv. Because these models are equipped with Matrix map, which is only compatible with iPhone 12, 13, and 14.
When you or your friends want to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner from Roborock company, you sould send this message to them. And I really hope I can help you. For the notice in this article, you can check at the last part of the relevant product detail page on the Roborock official website. If you have anything to add, you are very welcome to send us a message. Best wishes to you and your family.

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