Roborock G10 VS Ecovacs DEEBOT N9+: Which One Do You Prefer?

Many people are curious about the difference between Roborock G10 and Ecovacs DEEBOT N9+. In this article, you can decide which one you prefer.

They are both an all-in-one station, and all can mop and clean the floor. Meanwhile, DEEBOT N9+ vacuum robot and mop take on the vicious problem of washing the mop with hands. With its simple design and versatile functionality, it has been named the winner of the iF Design Award 2021. However, we will distinguish between these two robots from two aspects: mopping method and cleaning efficiency.

1. Mopping method

Although they all have automatic mop systems. But, when we look closely, we can see the difference in the appearance of the mop pad. First, let us talk about the round and rotatable mop of DEEBOT N9+. As we can see from the official information, with double-spin mop 180 times per minute high-speed rotation, which means 3 times per second. This mop will be very efficient.

When it comes to Roborock G10. It is a traditional mop pad. The website says it can remove 99.99% of solidified stains, and it can wipe the floor 3000 times per min, which means 50 times per second. That sounds like the frequency is fast. From the review results on Youtube, we can clearly know Roborock G10 has a better mopping result.

The mop of Ecovacs DEEBOT N9+(left) Roborock G10(right)

2. Cleaning efficiency

We know Roborock uses rubber brush since the T7 series. Roborock G10 also has a red rubber brush. This unique brush avoids hair entanglement which is better for pet parents. While, the main brush of Ecovacs DEEBOT N9+ is a traditional one. It does not have as many functions as the former. Besides, Roborock G10 is equipped with auto-rise function, but the Ecovacs does not have one.

However, Ecovacs has a better design, which is automatic air-drying function. The fan accelerates the moisture volatilization of the mop, and the special cleaning fluid reduces odor and bacteria growth. And this Roborock G10 has no automatic air-drying function, but it charges and self-cleaning is two directions, so that when back to the dock, the mop will face outward and wait for natural drying.


The two self-cleaning and self-mopping robot vacuum cleaners all have their pros and cons, but in some areas, you can decide on your needs.

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