Does Your Robotic Vacuum Clean Your Floor Entirely?

Does your Robotic vacuum clean your floor entirely? Although, our robotic vacuum is small enough to clean the floor. However, everything has two sides. We have seen a lot of people complain that their robot is silly to clean their floor. Today, let us find the reason from different types of floors and provide the solution for you.

The types of floor

1. Carpet Floor

Most families may use carpet floors. It looks fluffy and warm, but honestly, hard to clean the fabric fiber. When we have a robotic vacuum. It would have high hopes, but soon after using it, we found it doesn’t clean up very well.

The main reasons have two parts. On the one hand, the suction power of your robotic vacuum is not strong enough, it can not suck the dirt off your carpet, where it is mostly easy to accumulate dust.

On the other hand, you are not cleaning your robotic vacuum itself for too long. Come on to think of this scenario. It sucks the dust from the carpet while shaking it off the dirty body. So the best way is you can do a bit of manual cleaning before using a robot vacuum cleaner.

carpet floor

2. Wood Floor

They are made from wooden materials that demand proper treatment and special care. Besides, it is easy to scratch with a robotic vacuum, and hard to clean stubborn stains.

When you drink coffee, when it drops on it, you need to clean yourself ahead of the robotic vacuum. Moreover, when you use robotic vacuum to clean the wood floor. Avoiding spraying chemical detergents. Long time, your wood floor is likely to be corroded.

wood floor

3. Tile Floor

Basically, tile floors are less fragile compared to wooden ones, but you also need to pay special attention to dried stains that were left long ago.

What is more important, you should check the bottom of your robot to see whether it was accidentally stuck at the bottom with some cleaned glass fragments or other hard tiny stuff. In that case, you will definitely find scratches on it.

tile floor


Although robotic vacuum largely liberates our hands, but it is not a panacea, especially in cleaning it. We need to assist it as much as possible, so that we can have a clean and bright home.

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