Dreame L10S Ultra VS Xiaomi X10+: just not look the same

When it comes to comparing the two brands, I will remember that Dreame is the OEM for Xiaomi. Therefore, it is easy to confuse. Today, we will have a look at Xiaomi X10+ and Dreame Bot L10S Ultra. If you have a problem choosing between the two, after this article, you will know they just do not look the same.
Dreame L10S Ultra(left), Xiaomi X10+(right)

Xiaomi X10+ is a China version. You can get this on Taobao. The price is affordable.

Dreame L10S Ultra is part of a huge Xiaomi ecosystem of brands and they are positioned as more of their premium range of products. L10S Ultra is a global version and is locally distributed. You can get this via Shopee or Lazada with 2 years of local warranty support.

Robot vacuum features

Dreame L10S Ultra(left), Xiaomi X10+(right)

Dreame did not stick with the D shape design like their W10 mopping robot. So both here are round in shape. In terms of navigation, both use Lidar LDS technology, together with their own sensors.

Both of them are able to do auto dust emptying, auto mop cleaning, and very importantly auto drying of the mop pads.

Dreame L10S Ultra(left), Xiaomi X10+(right)

For the main roller brush, Xiaomi uses the traditional bristle brush, while Dreame goes with the rubber brush. One thing for sure is that a rubber brush is much easier to maintain whenever you want to remove all the entangled hair, while Xiaomi X10+ has a bristle brush where you will need to use a cutter.

In terms of suction power, Xiaomi X10+ comes with 4000pa while Dreame is 5300pa. This is probably the highest in the market now.

There is also a big difference. Dreame comes with one auto function, which is auto-dispensing of the cleaning solution. Xiaomi does come with a bottle of the solution, but you need to manually pour that in and thoroughly mix that inside the clean water tank.

When in the summer, if you do have not enough time to change the water in the water tank, you should put in some solution frequently to avoid the germs and bacteria growing up. In this case, Dreame L10S Ultra is better for lazy people.

To sum up, there is not much difference between the two, only a few designs have their own thinking. Dreame has great suction power and an auto-dispensing function, which is better than Xiaomi. However, these small designs can not influence the excellence of Xiaomi X10+.

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