Which One is Better? Roborock S5 Max VS Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P

As the OEM of Xiaomi, Roborock has already shown its strong production strength. Roborock S5 Max is easily picked up to compare with Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P. From this article you can know which one is better.

After seeing a lot of testing reviews and videos, we know the most basic distinguishing method are four ways, which are also what most people care about. That is cleaning performance, navigation system and battery life. The last one obviously is price. In this article, you can follow in that way.

Roborock S5 Max (left) and Xiaomi MiJia Mop P (right))

1. Cleaning performance

When comparing the cleaning capacity, it is most vertical to compare the side brushes and main brushes of the two robots. First of all, the side brush of the S5 Max is made of silicone, while the Mop Pro uses a standard sweeper. That means S5 Max is not good at picking up sand, but it is good at cleaning hair.

What is more, The cleaning brush roll does make a difference for pet owners and also those who have long hair. The S5 Max brush roll has more bristles and its side tips are detachable. That makes cleaning it off hair much easier.

In this video link, we can come to a cleaning performance conclusion.

The Roborock S5 Max does better on carpet and hard floors for as long as it doesn’t have to deal with a big amount of ultra-fine dust. It is also much better with pets and long human hair.

Because of having an extra layer on the filter, the Xiaomi Mop P does better with ultra-fine dust on hard floors and overall is good on hard floors.

2. Navigation system

We should know the top navigation system is lidar. Both of them are guided by lidar. Aside from the LDS sensor, the robots are equipped with other sensors that help them to navigate around. The Roborock has more sensors and is more precise with things and obstacles. It also finishes cleaning faster than the Xiaomi. So we can easily get the result that Roborock S5 Max has a better navigation system.

3. Battery life

When the robotic vacuum works for a while and then returns to the dock station without power, it will really give the user a headache. So battery life is a big part. Roborock S5 Max has a larger battery of 5200mAh, while Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacumm Mop P has 3200mAh. Therefore, Roborock S5 Max is suitable for a large house.

4. Price

Xiaomi Mi Robot-vacuum Mop P(STYJ02YM)($489.00)

Roborock S5 Max($279.99)

To sum up

If you have a limited budget, and do not need to clean your floor regularly, Roborock S5 Max is very suitable for your big house and cute pets.

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