Summary of AliExpress Store delivery issues during the Spring Festival

This past Chinese New Year holiday, our AliExpress store experienced very serious shipping issues, with a total of close to 150 orders being shipped in error, meaning that 150 customers received packages that did not belong to them, and their own purchases were shipped to someone else, which was a huge business mistake for our store. In particular, it caused a lot of inconvenience to these 150 families, and we need to apologize to those who received the Wrong Packages.

Aliexpress Shipping Method

How exactly did it happen? I’ll describe it briefly here.

Because our order processing requires a professional ERP software to complete, and at the end of January our team happened to change an ERP software, the previous ERP operation steps are, the warehouse staff printed out an order associated label, the label contains the logistics tracking number barcode and parcel cargo list, the staff only need to put this label on the parcel bag to perform the next step.

And now, after replacing the ERP, each of our orders will correspond to two labels, one is the logistics tracking barcode information, one is the parcel cargo list, so a parcel bag needs to stick 2 labels, and here’s the problem, the staff posted the wrong! Should be the same A package of two labels, one is posted on the package of A, one is posted on the package of B, so the buyer who finally received the goods, will find that the things in the bag and the package of goods list is the same (if you know Chinese), and the mailing address and information is not any problem.

So this is the key issue, under this problem, resulting in more than 150 buyers of the receipt of the problem, some people contacted our customer service through the message, we arranged to re-ship, another part of the customer directly initiated a transaction dispute for a refund, which we have done a full refund of the operation to avoid making customers suffer economic losses that should not be borne.

This incident also had a huge impact on our store’s DSR score and service score, as well as several store product links being penalized and taken down by the platform, which seriously affected the daily operation of the store.

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