Will the Narwal Mopping Robot always so hot?

Many of you should have seen a mopping robot that automatically cleans mopping cloths, it is called Narwal Mopping Robot, the main product of a startup company from Shenzhen, China. there are many videos on YouTube testing this amazing robot, if you are interested you can click to watch:

Narwal Mopping Robot Test

Observe its form of running, the most impressive thing is that its two mop cloths rotate at high speed, through this way very efficient cleaning ground dirt. Its biggest highlight is that it will automatically return to the base StationĀ  to clean the dirty mop, which avoids the user to manually clean, and to a certain extent really liberates the user’s hands, bringing a great experience to the user.

Narwal Mopping Robot High-speed rotation
High-speed rotation close to the floor

Although this product performance is very bright, but because this company is still a very initial startup company, so in the industry technology and supply chain resources this piece is not enough top. In particular, the design without the main brush makes its sweeping ability not good enough.

Founder Zhang Junbin has said publicly, “We did nearly half a year of preparation work. With partners in the three cities of Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dongguan, we visited all the major electrical stores and bought all the mainstream brands of sweeping robots in the market.” “For a month, our staff spent most of the day pouring over the sweeping robots, recording their use slots and also their advantages.”

Such a team designed such a very attractive product has attracted a lot of market attention, but whether they can continue to innovate under such conditions and develop a better new product is still to be tested by the market.After all, Roborock, iRobot and Ecovacs are all strong competitors in this vertical. They can easily be eliminated without great products being launched on a consistent basis.

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