Roborock Series Accessories General Information

Many people may be very familiar with the Roborock brand of floor sweeper products, there are many inexpensive adapters in the third-party accessories market, compared to the original expensive price to provide a more economical choice for the majority of users, so how to choose these accessories?

Today we’ll take a look at the Roborock line of third-party accessory market adaptations.

Roborock Vacuum Cleaner Spare Parts List
Roborock Models Spare Parts List

From the picture we can clearly see that most of the accessories Roborock’s different models are compatible, such as Filter, Brush Cover is the same model used in all models, and then there are some minor differences in the Main Brush and Side Brush, most of the products are compatible to share. It is easy to confuse the dust box and the water tank because of the difference in the design of the dust box in terms of capacity, and the water tank is also different in terms of the design of the internal water flow control, so they cannot be mixed.

For Roborock, as a company mainly responsible for R&D and design, minimizing the variety of accessories is conducive to a better reduction of production costs, and it is also good for consumers to facilitate the procurement of accessories.Roborock Technology does not have its own production plant, they rely on OEM production for them, the main partners are Sunwoda(89%) and Dongguan Great Wall (11%).

In fact, there are many products on the market, although listening to the name and the previous product is a series, but because of the use of different foundries, so many accessories are very different, easy to buy the wrong, which is very bad, such as some products under the Xiaomi, the name called very similar, and finally lead to a large number of consumers to buy the wrong.

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