What is the difference between xiaomi 1T and 1C?

Xiaomi’s Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 1C is a very successful product that has achieved good sales both in China and overseas, mainly due to its use of visual navigation technology, which saves a lot of cost without compromising on the experience compared to the costly LIDAR navigation, making it very affordable.

Xiaomi 1T with 3D ToF Camera

With the popularity of this product, Xiaomi launched its upgraded Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 1T not long ago. Compared to the 1C, it has an all-black design in appearance, which is more durable than the all-white design of its predecessor, and the rest of the appearance can hardly be seen much difference.

Through this TOF camera module, this sweeper has 3D obstacle avoidance and 3D VSLAM visual navigation capabilities, better map scanning construction than 1C and the ability to avoid obstacles during the cleaning process, so it can be said that the use of the experience has been greatly improved. It can be seen that this is Xiaomi’s work to benchmark the high-end products of its peers (such as Roborock’s S6 Max).

The TOF camera module, combined with the powerful computing power of the Cortex-A53 chip, enables the robot to locate its exact position and intelligently map its work path in real time.

Users can set virtual exclusion zones on the map scanned by the device, as well as manually adjust the entire house cleaning area and save this map information, which is a qualitative improvement for many users.

Xiaomi 1C with VSLAM

In addition to this TOF camera module, Xiaomi 1T has a 3000Pa suction power, and 5200mAh battery and other configurations, in terms of configuration is completely flagship level.

The factory model number of this device is STYTJ02ZHM, which is different from the STYTJ01ZHM of the 1C, so it is an upgrade of the older version. And from the model number code, we can see that this is also a OEM product from Dreame. So we found that the accessories of these two machines can be shared.

The current price of its official channel is quite favorable, upholding the usual cost-effective style of Xiaomi, to upgrade the home floor sweeper friends do not miss.

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