TROUVER’s relationship with Dreame and Xiaomi

Recently we will see a new brand of household cleaning products on the Internet, TROUVER, one of their recent sweeper products is TROUVER Robot LDS Vacuum Mop(also named TROUVER Finder), and another handheld vacuum cleaner – TROUVER Solo 10, some consumers may have already used these products, today we will take you to learn more about this brand.The Chinese name of this brand is “大未科技”.How about TROUVER’s relationship with Dreame?

TROUVER Robot LDS Vacuum Mop
TROUVER Finder Robot Vacuum Cleaner

According to the investigation, TROUVER is from the Xiaomi ecological chain company Dreame, so in fact TROUVER products are just Dreame products with a new logo, because the products from design to production are responsible for Dreame company, they are just a subdivision of the company in order to multi-brand strategy, a sub-brand, or perhaps just have A separate marketing department. There is nothing else that is different from Dreame products.

TROUVER's relationship with Dreame
Dreame Technology Company

The company’s official description of their relationship with Dreame:With Dreame Technology’s strong core technology, industrial design, art and fashion cross-border and supply chain matrix, we aim to create further crazy technology products for young people.

TROUVER Solo 10 Stick Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Of course, Dreame is a young company with great potential in the field of household cleaning equipment, backed by the support of Xiaomi, and has gradually become stronger. Some of the products launched in recent years have been gaining praise in the market. In addition to the very stylish design, and strong technical support, their very cost-effective pricing strategy has also played a huge positive role.

I believe you have understood TROUVER’s relationship with Dreame by reading this.

We hope to see these brands provide more excellent and affordable products to the market and consumers, and we hope more consumers will recognize these emerging brands.

If you guys want to know more about Dreame’s relationship with Xiaomi, you can click on the link to check it out.

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