Xiaomi MJSTS1 – Xiaomi’s New High-end Robot Vacuum Cleaner Products

Last night’s Xiaomi new product launch event, Xiaomi released a new intelligent sweeping robot model MJSTS1, Chinese name: “米家扫拖机器人 Pro” Mijia Robot Vacuum-Mop Pro , we do not yet know the specific English name. The upgrades of this sweeping robot are as follows.

MJSTS1 米家扫拖机器人Pro
MJSTS1 New Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi MJSTS1 is Equipped with super-sensitive multi-dimensional identification obstacle avoidance system, through the 3D TOF technology + visual recognition fusion algorithm to achieve multi-dimensional three-dimensional obstacle avoidance, while supporting AI scene recognition, according to different ground materials, to develop different water output and sweeping and mopping program; 

Depending on a new generation of LDS laser navigation scanning system, with 30 sensors in the body, and CPU + NPU dual processor program, in the construction of the whole house map, intelligent planning route faster and more accurate; 

The maximum suction power is 4000Pa, with large-diameter suspended suction entrance, equipped with one 550mL dust box, and one the two-in-one dust box (300mL dust box + 260mL water tank), built-in 5200mAh battery; support Mi Home APP control and Xiaoai voice control.

According to the official website, we can see that this sweeping robot is likely to be from the same foundry as the previous Mijia G1 seriesShenzhen Silver Star.

MJSTS1 Accessories
The list of accessories on the official website

This is because from the rules of the product model code and the shape of the mop on the official website, it is very likely.

This new product is priced at 2999 RMB and has been opened for pre-sale, it is not clear when the specific overseas version will be available for the time being. Interested friends can pay attention to.

Previously Xiaomi launched a number of sweeping robot products have a good user reputation, especially the G1 in the ultra-high cost performance, there are many users. This Xiaomi MJSTS1 may be able to continue this glory and achieve better sales results.

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